Shauna Jarrett

I'm a senior executive specialising in strategic design, implementation and governance.

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0476 642 431

Shauna Jarrett

I live and work in the centre of the Sydney CBD, have family and friends through-out the City of Sydney, having lived in the Sydney LGA since going to University.  I have seen many positive and not so positive changes and am now very concerned about the post pandemic prospects for the recovery of the City – it is time to re-fresh the Council that looks after this fabulous City of ours, not just for immediate changes we need to make, but for the future.

I am committed to begin a journey with you to win back the trust and confidence of Liberal voters in the City, to give people with liberal and progressive values and aspirations a voice, to give residents and businesses the representation they deserve.  I will work to hold the current Council to account. And I will fight to reinstate transparent, effective, governance in Council.

Our journey, founded on Liberal tradition, history and philosophy, working hard and inclusively for our values of freedom and tolerance, individualism, enterprise, equality, family and respect.  Remember we are the Party responsible for the abolition of the White Australia policy, environmental protection powers, marriage equality and meaningful reconciliation.

Particularly important to me, this election provides Liberals an opportunity to renew the arts and culture in the City.  The arts and culture are the glue, the enablers that constitute the soul of our community and provide the means which now allows us to acknowledge and appreciate 40,000+ years of stewardship of this harsh country, the culture and tradition of our First Peoples.   It allows those of us who have arrived in the last 223 years to connect with the traditions, achievements and beliefs of our forebears coming from so many diverse parts of the world, all which contribute to our unique multicultural Australian society.