Introducing Lyndon Gannon


Introducing Lyndon Gannon

My political and business experience, history of leadership and local community participation are what motivate me to ask for your support in endorsing me as your Liberal Party candidate for the City of Sydney.

I have been honoured to serve as a NSW Liberal Party candidate three times before, first for the seat of Balmain at the 2015 State election, then as part of the 2016 City of Sydney ticket, and most recently for the State seat of Sydney in 2019. The four local branches that make up the LGC are well known to me and I have greatly appreciated the enthusiastic support and trust they have all shown me in my campaigns to date. I am an experienced campaigner, who has delivered strong political and electoral results in the past. I have volunteered for every local campaign since joining the party in 2012.

As an entrepreneur active in the City of Sydney, I know too well the difficulties businesses face when dealing with the City. Council has developed a culture that stymies investment and growth, rather than facilitating it. I believe this is an enormous opportunity for us local Liberals to re-capture our vote at the local government level. I will champion the concerns of small and medium sized businesses, which is the engine room of the City’s economy and make it such a vibrant and energetic place.

I was born in, and have lived in and around the City of Sydney, my whole life.As such, I have tried to find ways to give back, and have a long history ofcommunity service, principally through my involvement in the Police Citizens Youth Clubs movement. I have focussed my energy towards being a role model for local youth that are at risk of developing a negative relationship with the police and juvenile justice system.

I will be a strong Liberal councillor. One that reinvigorates and engages local Liberal branches and cements the Liberal Party’s position as the leading contender in the City of Sydney.
The changes necessary to improve our City require a strong Liberal team, and I believe that Shauna Jarrett and I are best placed to deliver them.

Shauna and I bring political experience, and pledge to bring rational and credible advocacy to promote the Liberal Party’s cause and policies for the City and State.

With your support we can achieve much and bring new leadership to the City of Sydney.

Yours sincerely,

Lyndon Gannon